History of an old village tavern ... The "Postina" was the name that everyone, in ancient times, gave to the old tavern in the center of Santa Maria di Feletto. "La Postina" was a place of refreshment and rest for villagers and strangers who, tired from long rides, tied their horses to the iron rings that were located near the entrance to that ancient building. There they allowed themselves a stop for an "ombretta" (the typical glass of wine) or to eat "trippa" (tripe) and "baccalĂ " (cod) on Friday, prepared with commitment and passion by the skilled hands of Mrs. Celestina, known as "Pina".

Why "LA POSTINA"? Widowed, Mrs. Pina courageously decided to continue the business of her husband, postman of the country, jointly managing the post office and the tavern with the help of her son Ruggero and daughters Filomena and Ida. It is said that the daughters often competed for the pleasant task of delivering the mail on horseback in the farmhouses scattered among the splendid hills of San Pietro and its surroundings. During the First World War, the Austro-Hungarian army made that tavern the seat of its command, taking advantage of its strategic position. In the years to come, the "goddess pustina" tavern, as it was called in the town, continued to be managed by the family: first by Ruggero and then, in the early twentieth century, by Filomena's husband, Leone. Later, Pina's nephew, Virgil, rebuilt the building where the tavern was located, renovating it and giving new life to the town with other small businesses. La Postina was born from the desire to recover the origins of welcome and hospitality, combining the flavors of tradition with something new.

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